The reason I still have hope is…

Meet Alanna.

Pursuing master’s degree full-time and concurrently working full-time. Yoga enthusiast. 

Prompt#3: The reason I still have hope is…

“Almost every general aspect that can be used to describe me has a potentially negative connotation: millennial, woman, black. Over the years, I have been placed in boxes that make it easier for people to define and accept me. Because of who I am, my life has fallen victim to statistics, false accusations, and crude assumptions.

Someone once said to me at a young age, “you’ll never graduate.”

This was just one of my many motives. This is why I strive to be the best I can be. When it seemed the world wasn’t on my side, I found hope. Hope that I wouldn’t turn out to be the way society expected me to be. I worked hard and I proved them wrong. I graduated from high school, I have a bachelor’s degree and soon I will have my master’s degree. 

As a student, daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend, I have experienced the sweet and sour flavors of life. It always seems as if one hardship sails, another is quick to dock on the brink of my sanity. It would be easy to get wrapped up in the worst of it all and lose sight of what really matters but I can’t. I won’t. I would not be where am I today if I had given in to the expectations of society.

Even now, when things seem to be out of my hands, I still do turn to my hope. Though I know I have the power to make a change, hope has never let me down.

Despite my preexisting challenges, I choose to challenge myself further. I’ve found growth in the uncomfortable and I’m loving my endless self-discovery.

Always applaud your victories, no matter how small. Seek the positive in life, even when the lemons seem to be too sour. 

I have hope because:

I have a loving father and sister

Great people do exist

I know my time will come

I know there will be change

I know I am capable.”

Alanna, thank you so much for your awesome, empowering post. You have overcome so many challenges in your life and you continually to push yourself to be better.

Change and uncertainty can be scary but in this lifetime it is important that we have hope. It is easy to get bogged down by the negatives of life, especially when everyone around us accentuating them, but together we must raise up and find the positives. When we are faced with adversity, stand together. Treat others equally, we are all uniquely beautiful and important. Meet someone new this week, offer genuine conversation. We have a lesson to learn from each and every person. When hard-work fails, trust the process, have hope.


What makes you feel most like yourself?

Meet Jordan.

Sales planner. Former collegiate athlete.

Prompt #2: What makes you feel most like yourself?
“During the week, I run nonstop at work, after work I head straight to the gym, cook dinner and finish up some work before bed. The cycle repeats the next day. I work my hardest during the week so when the weekend comes I know I made it worth it. I love my job and learning things to advance myself.

“Yet, there is nothing like coming home after a long day of work or on the weekends, and enabling myself to unwind. To me, there is nothing better than having a glass of wine, throwing on some comfortable clothes and dancing around the house with some of my best girlfriends. My goofy, fun-loving self is my best self. At the end of the day, loving myself and feeling happy in my own skin is the best way for me to build self-respect and reward myself for the hard work I put in during the week.

Jordan, thank you for sharing your story with us. It is truly beautiful that you are able to put aside your busy life aside and embrace your best self. Count me in for your next wine night!

It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday lives and forget to take care of the most important thing, ourselves. It is crucial that each and every one of us takes time out of each day to simply listen to our bodies. This week try and work in at least 30 minutes of you time. Note: if by the end of ‘you-time’ you aren’t laughing with yourself or telling yourself you are a complete badass, message me. I would love to help you channel your best self.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Meet Vivian.

A full-time Embryologist, pursuing her masters degree full-time and a single mother (obviously full-time).

Prompt 1: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“My schedule. My day starts early and ends late. I know I will be gone for a majority of the day, so I pack everything for school, get my daughter ready and begin my commute to work. On my commute to and from work, I study. When I get to work, I am working nonstop because I want to make a difference. I love my job and I want to keep getting better at it.”

“In order to be successful with the little free time that I have, being unmotivated isn’t an option. I have a lot of short-term goals that I want to accomplish and that is what I focus on. Sometimes my life can be challenging and even exhausting but at the end of the day, when I see two happy parents who were finally able to start a family or the smile on my daughter’s face, I am reminded that it is all worth it.”

Vivian, thank you for sharing your story. Your daily ambition and perseverance is inspiring. Keep pushing towards your short term goals and soon they will become accomplishments.

Vivian is a great example of someone who sets goals and accomplishes them. She will not let anything get in her way. Next time you are feeling tired, think of Vivian’s story and keep pushing through. You are strong, beautiful and capable of anything.

If you felt inspired by Vivian’s story, keep an eye out for next week’s prompt for your chance to share your story and inspire others.

What is your story?

When I read, whether it is for leisure or a requirement, there are always two things I look for.

One, did that article ‘move’ me?

In other words, did reading that article motivate me? Did I get up from my chair and go for a run? Did it inspire me to infect others with genorosity? Did that article have such an effect on me that I called my father who I haven’t spoken to in 10 years and apologize?

Two, did I learn something?

We have the ability to learn as much as we choose. That’s right I said it. There is absolutely no cap on how much we can learn in one day, in one lifetime. Can you see where we as humans have been? Can you see where we are going? Can you help? Do you want to help?

I love to read and learn. If I am not able to tell you something new I learned at the end of the day, get the thermometer out, I’ve caught the unmotivations. I also love to feel beautiful and empowered. That is why recently I’ve been extremely disappointed with what is not only most prevalent to read, but also to look at. Maybe half of you reading this right now are thinking “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.” And you’re absolutely correct I do NOT have to read it. In fact, I do NOT read it. But I’ll raise you one better. “If you don’t like it… do something about it.” Alright, talked me into it.

Over the past few years I have noticed an excess of articles that are about women who are the opposite of empowering. Are they beautiful? Of course. We ALL are. Do they do anything for society except create unnatural societal standards? Probably not. So here’s my thought, if you are in agreement with me and you are jaded of seeing these types of women, read on.

This blog was developed so that I can read and share the stories of everyday women who deserve to be in the spotlight. Women who are beyond motivated, women that can juggle more things than, well, a juggler. So if you have made it this far in my first blog, regardless of who you are, a woman, a dedicated husband, a mother, a sister, your fifteenth cousin’s mother in law. Send me your stories. Tell me about someone we need to know about. Because when I wake up in the morning those are the women I want to read about, not women who were born into wealth and fame.